Operational Reviews and Interim Management


Operational Reviews & Interim Management
Achieving an acceptable return on investment can still be a significant challenge for many hotels in this region, particularly if they happen to be in secondary locations or oversupplied markets.


Regardless of the stage in the market cycle, operational reviews or business optimisation studies can be required under a variety of other common circumstances, for example, to help understand and remedy factors that have led to underperformance, in connection with a refurbishment project, or when assessing potential acquisition of a hotel.

Viability’s Operational Review process typically involves some or all of the following steps:

  • Architectural/structural reviews.
  • Internal management interviews, processes audit and gap analysis.
  • External market research and gap analysis.
  • Regional/international product or service benchmarking to determine best practices.
  • Creation of profit improvement strategies, together with refurbishment/upgrading, business and marketing plan

We also undertake interim hotel management where required in connection with this process, during which we implement the recommendations from our review.